Pre-writing part 1: the premise

So a few weeks ago I was asked to do a special post about how to decide which ideas to keep for a story and which ideas to toss. Here it is! Enjoy.… Continue reading

Workaholism and the “yes” syndrome

Like I said I would last time, I wrote a little something about workaholism and over-committing. You can read it here.

Book recommendation!

I have a new book recommendation on the craft of writing for you. Check it out here! Don’t forget, if you’re tired of clicking the link to see the posts, you can make… Continue reading

Efficient scheduling

So, as promised, here is my post on how to make an efficient schedule that works for you. Enjoy!

Saturday and Sunday

Hello everyone! Here is the last post in the How do you find the time? series, covering what happened on Saturday and Sunday. Next up will be a detailed post on how to… Continue reading