Moving Day

That’s right, folks. I’ve decided to move Ice Cream for Zombies. There is one simple reason for this: I’ve been trying to maintain my own author blog, and with having to do things… Continue reading

Cross-Genre Fiction

Let me start by apologizing for the belatedness of this special request. This was originally a guest post due to be posted on a blog which closed its doors after having requested and received… Continue reading

Art and technique

What does writing well really mean?   I was asked today whether it was better, for a writer, to have great imagination when it comes to storytelling and very poor grammar/writing skills, or… Continue reading

Family by Choice

I wrote a guest post on Lizzie’s Dark Fiction which you should check out! It’s about family, which is an important theme in my recent release, Blood Relations, but it’s also about how… Continue reading

On first drafts

Hey everyone! I know it’s been obscenely long. But I wrote a post on my personal website and it is about writing, so I thought I’d share it with you. Plus, it’s not… Continue reading